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Here you will find a list of the most common repair jobs. All other repairs,
remodeling, customizing, etc. are also possible, prices depend on the workload and material usage.

Notching and installing the saddle (material optional) 45,00 €
Re-notching the saddle 15,00 €
Intonation, string action, trussrod and pickup adjustment, polishing the frets, clening and oiling the fretboard 30,00 €
extra charge for FR-style tremolo 15,00 €
Complete package („like new“): Leveling and polishing the frets, complete setup, complete cleaning, polishing the finish if applicable, checking all electronic parts, replacement if applicable (excl. material usage), complete check / maintenance of the hardware and all screwed joints 200,00 €
Fret leveling, recrowning and polishing 100,00 €
Filing frets edgewise 30,00 €
Extra charge for laquered fretboard 20,00 €
Extra charge for glued in neck 15,00 €
Refretting (optional fret size) 190,00 €
Extra charge for stainless steel frets 30,00 €
Extra charge for fretboards with binding 40,00 €
Extra charge for laquered fretboard 50,00 €
Extra charge for glued in neck 30,00 €
Fretboard leveling from 30,00 €
Fretboard re-finishing 50,00 €
Scalloping (per fret) 15,00 €
(Standard mill cut, i.e. pickup)
from 40,00 €
Custom mill cut on request
Changing the neckshape from 90,00 €
removing the laquer and apply new oil finish from 60,00 €
Mounting tuners, bushing the drillholes from 40,00 €
Fixing breaks
Simple neck break from 40,00 €
Gluing and refinishing neckbreak from 90,00 €
Soldering electronics, i.e. Strat pickguard completely 60,00 €
Installing pickup frame mounted (i.e. Les Paul) 30,00 €
Installing pickup pickguard mounted (i.e. Strat-style) 45,00 €
Change switches, potis, etc. (excl. material usage) from 20,00 €
Lacquer work
(Part-) PUR Highgloss finish body, natural or colored from 400,00 €
Sanding the neck, refinishing with DD matte laquer 90,00 €
(Part-) finishing of all kinds, i.e. PUR/NC/Polyester highgloss, matte, etc. on request
Airbrush / Customizing on request
De-/mounting- and sanding jobs depending on workload
All further repair jobs on request

Prices include 19% VAT. and are subect to change.

If you want to place a repair order for your instrument, please contact us by phone or via email. Thus we can make a rough estimate of the repair time and cost.
You can either give off your instrument personally at our workshop or send it as a package. The return fee for an electric guitar with case via parcel service is 20€.