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Who we are

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Bastian Kanbach hat completed his vocational training to become a stringed-instrument maker from 2003 to 2006 at the BFS for instrument making in Klingenthal (Saxony). After his training he worked for 2 years in Siggi Braun’s shop in Göttingen where he was involved in the complete production, and mostly in charge of producing custom instruments of which he completed more than 100 pieces during his time at Siggi Braun. In 2008, Bastian returned to his hometown of Kaiserslautern and began to build guitars under his own name at first.

Soon after, he met Oliver Reich, a passionate craftsman, independently working in wood production for over 10 years. Since both of them were/are still active musicians (Olli playing bass guitar and Bastian guitar) soon the idea was born to “join forces” and to create Zeal Guitars together. Thus, they could put their manual and technical skill as well as the knowledge of the matter wood to use and make Zeal Guitars what it is today.